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What we do

SMART MIND develops tools designed for athletes and coaches to optimize their sports performance. We boost performance with sophisticated coaching techniques based on a positive attitude and mental skills training. Our methodologies, in connection with our continuous feedback system, are key to reaching your fullest potential.


Our different tools

Smart mind App

The easy to use tool gives you:

  • The ability to measure the impact of mental skills training and different attitudes based on performance.
  • Teaching materials, exercises and background information with which you can develop mental strength throughout the season or the evaluation period.
  • Enhanced communication between coaches and players.
  • Access to your team’s database for a full oversight of the team.


The game board, markers and coaching cards in this toolbox help:

  • Athletes reflect on their own development through self-evaluation.
  • Organize insights to be refined through specific feedback from their trainer / coach / supervisor (or other important third parties).
  • Make a clear connection between performance, attitude and mental state creating room for growth.

Keynotes & workshops

Through interactive boost sessions and real life examples from our experience in elite sports, we bring the SMART MIND model to life.

  • Active workshop designed to help introduce you to high performing attitudes.
  • Designed as a very interactive workshop, participants should be prepared to get involved in the session.

In-house coaching

A professional way of developing players and teams based on high performing attitudes. Players will gain self-awareness of their attitude and how it can influence their performance. Coaches will learn how to give more helpful feedback based on each player’s individual needs and characteristics.

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