Our team


Our names

Ellen Schouppe

graduated as Work and Organization psychologist, did the successful transition to the elite sport world after more than 10 years of talent development within the HR business world. As a Sports Psychologist she has provided her expertise to various national teams over the past ten years, including the Belgian Cats (basketball), the Red Panthers (hockey) and the Belgian Cheetahs (4x 400m relay team). In addition, she coaches top teams in clubs such as the A-team of the football club RSC Anderlecht and the basketball club Belfius-Mons Hainaut.

Ann Wauters

has more than 20 years of experience as an elite basketball player and the captain of the Belgian national team. She won titles in championships around the world and together with the national basketball team she won a bronze medal at the European Championships in 2017 and a fourth place at the 2018 World Cup.
In addition, she is a partner of SMART MIND, the company that has developed a sports psychology model, toolbox and on-line application to facilitate mental development and guidance of (top) athletes.

Matthias Haspeslagh

is passionate about sport and co-founder of SMART MIND. For nine years he has built up a richly filled experience as a work and organizational psychologist in the world of talent and organization development at companies. Since mid-2016, as a mental and performance coach, he coaches and supports individuals, teams and organizations in the maximum development of potential.

Our dream

The mission of SMART MIND is to help athletes and coaches reach their peak by teaching them how to connect skillsets with a positive, hardworking attitude.

Our philosophy & model

The bases of our model is that the talent of an individual is only fully achieved when coupled with a high performing attitude.

Virtually everything is measured and analyzed in elite sports and businesses except for that one black box: The mind. This is one of the reasons why the journey to the top is so difficult and many very talented people drop out before reaching their full potential. It is often also one of the most frequently heard critiques in sports and business: “He’s a very talented player, but he doesn’t have the head for it.” What many people don’t understand is that they can train their mind, just as much as they train their body. Attitude is not something that necessarily comes naturally. You have to make a conscious decision to exercise your mind in order to reach your fullest potential.

Based on scientific literature, autobiographies and years of experience in professional sports and the business world, we identified seven high performing attitudes that successful people share. We believe that these seven crucial characteristics increase the probability of consistent success so we’ve based our model around them.

Successful people who have these seven high performing attitudes have learned to deal with challenges, stress and an ever changing environment. The more self-awareness an individual has, the more successful they will be when faced with pressures – both good and bad. Even very talented people will have to learn how to manage success and money. Our goal is to teach people how to continuously regulate their mental state in order to perform at peak levels and to help them manage the inedible pressure that comes with being at the top of your game.

Our approach

We are Passionate, Professional and Practical:

  • Passionate: We have fun with what we do.
  • Professional: We have personal experience and demonstrate the value we bring.
  • Practical: What we do is useful, understandable and has proven success.